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Hon. Richard J. Bartlett

Hon. Richard J. Bartlett

It is with great sadness that the Warren County Bar Association notes the passing of Hon. Richard J. Bartlett on May 8, 2015. Richard Bartlett was a leading legal figure in New York State for decades.  Included among his many accomplishments were serving as chief state administrative judge from 1974 to 1979 during which time he was the force behind creation of the Office of Court Administration; chairing New York Penal Revision Commission from 1961 to 1970 which resulted in the first the first major update of state criminal laws since the 1880's; serving as director of the Fund for Modern Courts from 1980 - 1987; and being a member, as well as, chair of the Board of Law Examiners for many years. Additionally, Richard Bartlett served as a NYS Assemblyman, NYS Supreme Court Judge and Dean of Albany Law School. He was friend and mentor to many.  He is deeply missed but his impact on the practice of law continues.

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