Message from the President of the Warren County Bar Association

“Baby, it’s cold outside!”
How many of us mutter this (or some other permutation) each time we walk out of our offices to our cars in the dark to go home?  
I know we live in Upstate New York, but sometimes, I’m not sure many enjoy the “take your breath away” cold that accompanies our lifestyles – especially without the snow.  
So what should we do?
How about feeling the warmth of collegiality that comes with attending a Bar Association event?
As we move forward in 2017, we have events for everyone, no matter your practice area.  In January we hosted a luncheon to discuss the new City Court rules for criminal court, and were fortunate to have Hon. Gary Hobbs, District Attorney Kate Hogan and Public Defender Marcie Flores speak to the topic and answer questions.  For those in the real estate and estate practice areas, on February 16, 2017, we are hosting a “free to members” 3 credit Continuing Legal Education course presented by Chicago Title Company.  For those who are interested in staying out of trouble (or in need of those oft-times elusive ethics credits), in April we are hosting a one hour Continuing Legal Education ethics course presented by the Third Department’s Attorney Grievance Committee. And if you want to come and have fun and support a worthy organization, please come attend the annual March Mixer on March 23, 2017 at the Hiland Country Club.
As we continue in 2017, a year that has already seen its fair share of controversy stemming from Washington, the friendship and comradery that the Bar Association brings is more important than ever.  No matter your political affiliation, 2017 has accomplished one thing that is long overdue – people are once again reading the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  While waiting for my son to sing at an Open Mic Event at Spot Coffee, the March for Women took place down Glen Street.  I won’t pretend it was easy to answer my eight year old daughter’s question of the purpose of the March, or to try to explain some of the signs, and I did not speak to the pink hats at all.  The best I could do was explain to her that in our country, we enjoyed the freedom to speak out, to walk and share our thoughts with others, and to disagree with the government.  I explained that there were many countries in the world in which people were not permitted to do that, and we were blessed to have that freedom.  We need to take these opportunities to teach the next generation – and remind ourselves – of the freedoms we enjoy and protect those whose freedoms may be at risk.  
There are many times in my career when I felt that pride of being a lawyer.  However, I have never felt so moved and proud to be a member of this profession than when I saw attorneys from the ACLU literally sitting on the floor of airports around the country, drafting pleadings for those individuals negatively affected by the President’s Executive Order Travel Ban.  As I watched those attorneys work feverishly simply to make sure our laws are upheld and rights are not trampled upon, it reminded me of why I went into this profession for the first place, and my goal as your President.  Service.  I urge all of us to continue to use our profession to serve our clients in the best manner possible, and to serve each other as well.    

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