Member Recognition Committee

The objective of the Committee is to provide recognition for the accomplishments of the Association and the members of the Association. The Committee offers recommendations to the Board of Directors for presentation of the three awards the Bar Association may bestow (please see below); encourages membership attendance at calling hours and services for deceased members; and studies and maintains records of the history and traditions of the Association and promotes recognition of the Association’s accomplishments and history.

Warren County Bar Association Awards

To maintain the high standards of the following awards, it is not necessary for the Association to select a recipient for each award every year and, barring exceptional circumstances, should not present each of the awards to more than one recipient within any one year.


The Association may award the Charles Evans Hughes Award to a person who substantially satisfies the following criteria:

  1. In legal matters has developed an exemplary reputation which extends beyond Warren County and adjoining counties
  2. Has a distinguished record of accomplishment in various aspects of the practice of law.
  3. Has an exemplary reputation in the non-legal community, as a result of having made extensive contributions to both the legal and non-legal communities.
  4. Has been a member of the Warren County Bar Association but need not be a member at the time of the Award.


2016 - Honarable Thomas E. Mercure



2004 - Lawrence E. Corbett, Jr., Esq.
Lawrence E. Corbett, Jr., Esq. - 2004
2002 - Honorable Richard J. Bartlett


Bernadette M. Hollis Attorney for the Child Award

The Association may award the Bernadette M. Hollis Award to a member in good standing who substantially satisfies the following criteria:

  1. Has demonstrated significant advocacy on behalf of children and shown commitment and dedication to the children represented by the member in custody, foster care. abuse, neglect and family court cases.
  2. Has demonstrated commitment to protecting and promoting the rights of children by conduct and characteristics such as:
    • Diligent and effective representation of children in the legal system.
    • Compassion and care for the represented children beyond the legal issues presented.
    • Commitment to the system through which services are provided to the children.
    • Longevity of service as an Attorney for the Child under the Law Guardian Program
    • Extensive number of cases handled as an Attorney for the Child.
    • Being a mentor to other lawyers in their representation of children and cases that affect children.
    • Engaging in activities and services on behalf of children outside the Law Guardian Program and the legal system.


2014 - Rose T. Place, Esq.
Rose T. Place, Esq. - 2014
Bernadette M. Hollis
Bernadette M. Hollis 


Pat Mannix Award

The Association may award the Patrick J. Mannix Award to a member in good standing who substantially satisfies the following criteria:

  1. Has exemplified by demeanor and attitude the ethical ideals of the practice of law.
  2. Has utilized cordiality, civility, congeniality and a keen sense of humor in developing professional and personal relationships.
  3. Has acted as a mentor to younger lawyers.
  4. Has a reputation in the local community for fairness and competence both professionally and personally.


2015 - Dennis J. Tarantino, Esq.
Dennis J. Tarantino, Esq. - 2015
2005 - Thomas J. McDonough, Esq.
Thomas J. McDonough, Esq.
 2003 - William A. Bacas, Esq.

2001 - Patrick J. Mannix, Esq.
Pat Mannix